Crowns are a restorative procedure that is used to improve the shape of your teeth or to strengthen them. Crowns are most often used for broken, worn or teeth that have parts destroyed by tooth decay.
A crown is a “cap” cemented on an existing tooth that normally covers the portion of your tooth above the gum line. In effect, the crown becomes the new outer surface of your teeth.

Types of Crowns

METAL-PORCELAIN: Total coating crowns made with a metal base (with gold alloys and / or other metals) and on it the porcelain coating is placed (material that simulates the color of the tooth to cover the metal base) and give it the shape and color tone that makes it harmonize with the other teeth.

METALLIC: They are crowns of total coating made of metal that cover the entire tooth and the final result will be in shape like the adjacent teeth but in color it will be gray or gold depending on the metal alloy used.


EMAX: E-MAX, It is a total metal-free porcelain coating that is used to restore anterior teeth, it is a highly aesthetic, functional and conservative treatment, since it has greater translucency and provides a more natural appearance.

VENEER (PORCELAIN CARILLAS): It is a thin cover of shape and size and natural color of the tooth. This option is very conservative since tooth wear is usually minimal. Only on the opposite surface obtaining highly aesthetic results.We can use a porcelain veneer to close a space between the teeth, reconstruct fractured teeth to replace pigmented resins and cover stained teeth.

ZIRCONIA: It is a ceramic cap copied with the help of a scanner and developed virtually by means of a computer program (CAD-CAM), on which a ceramic crown is placed.
The system consists of doing a scan; The high precision and its perfect adaptation, in addition to the biocompatibility and its excellent biomechanical properties, offers specialized restorations with very high aesthetics free of metal.